Remembering Slain Mayor of Mogadishu: Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow)

Somalia's Ambassador to The People's Republic of China
Abdirahman Omar Osman, the slain mayor of Mogadishu, speaks during an interview in Mogadishu, Somalia on April 19, 2017. AMISOM Photo / Ilyas Ahmed

The late Governor and mayor of Mogadishu Abdirahman Omar Osman, also known as Engineer Yarisow, was a good friend; we have both joined the office of the Prime minister of Somalia in 2007. However, before we joined and committed fulltime to work and move to Somalia, we were among many Somali-Londoners, who were concerned about what’s happening in our country. The transition from talking about Somalia in part-time bases and coming to Somalia and be wholly committed to it unreservedly was a tough journey, and it seems it still is a tough journey.

It’s a journey filled with, great moments and pain, laughter’s and tears, challenges, and lessons learned. Engineer Yarisow was a natural optimist, and he always had an abundance of energy, and during that journey, he was a friend one could always count on.

He always wanted to be able to list the progress made even when our nation was overwhelmed by extreme challenges; he was gentle, decisive and fearless, my friend desired to contribute to change, and yet remain simple an approachable, even as a minister he mostly drove his own car in Mogadishu. 

Over a decade ago, back in London, I remembered how he always desired to become the Mayor of Mogadishu, when he was appointed, I knew this post was his dream job. Engineer Yarisow was a giant of a man, and in that journey of life, he was a protector, a leader, and a constant motivator. He was a man who moved on from challenges and obstacles, and forever wanted to see a beautiful brighter and more importantly dignified Somalia.

I will always remember his Perseverance, character, energy, and more importantly, his purpose in making sure that Somalia is inching in the right direction, a good friend had departed may Allah grant him Jannah.

The best way to honor his memory is for all of us to continue doing the best we can for the future of the nation we love; let’s continue to turn the course for the better, let us all work together to weather the storm of challenges we face, so that our children can survive with their dignity intact. let his memory inspire us to do more and be more for our nation.