US military acknowledges past civilian deaths, kills two children in another attack today

The US Africa Command has released a report on civilian casualties in its operations against Al-Shabaab in Somalia.

The report acknowledged the death of one civilian as well as three others who were injured following an air raid in the vicinity of Jilib town of Middle Jubba in February this year.

US airstrikes across Somalia regions, aimed at degrading Al-Shabab, have been inflicting casualties on the civilian population in those areas.

After an outcry over these deaths, which were normally left unacknowledged by the US military, Africom started investigating over a dozen reported incidents where civilians were said to have been killed.

Last April, a similar Africom report confirmed the death of two civilians in yet another airstrike near Kunya Barrow of Lower Shabelle Region.

In more recent Africom operations in Somalia, US drones today reportedly bombed areas in Jilib town believed to have been hosting Al-Shabaab militants, killing even more civilians.

One of several missiles fired by the US drones had hit the house of an innocent family, killing two young boys aged between eight and 13 years.