UAE sends more medical assistance to Somalia’s Puntland state

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has sent a second consignment of medical assistance to Puntland, where cases of the Covid-19 pandemic have been rising in recent days.

The medical aid included Covid-19 testing kits , according the Puntland health minister who received the aid, which arrived via plane at the Bosaso airport today.

The UAE has been at the forefront of the international battle against the pandemic, dispatching plane loads of medical equipment and personnel across the globe to help countries hit hard by the disease as well as to poor countries who have limited capacity to deal with a global crisis of this magnitude.

However, frosty relations between the federal government and the UAE leaders meant that most of its assistance to Somalia had gone directly to either Puntland or Somaliland, bypassing Mogadishu, although one consignment of medical assistance from the UAE did arrive in the Somali capital last month.