Two soldiers reportedly killed in Al-Shabaab suicide attack against central Somalia military base

This morning, a suicide attack targeted a military base hosting the 21st division of the Somali army in Ba’adweyn, Mudug Rregion, central Somalia.

Soldiers had stopped a vehicle filled with explosives in front of the military base. The driver tried to force his way in before soldiers hit the vehicle with a rocket, resulting in a huge explosion. Smoke could be seen billowing over the base.

Infantry commander General Abdihamid Mohamed Dirir said soldiers succeeded in foiling an attempted suicide attack by the Al-Shabaab militant group. A land cruiser was used in the attack, the commander said.

He added that soldiers at the military base suffered no casualties.

However, Al-Shabaab, which claimed responsibility for the suicide attack, said two soldiers were killed while four others were injured. A military vehicle was also destroyed, it said.