Twin blasts rock Somali capital

Two loud blasts were heard on Saturday [15th June] in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, even as police set up extra checkpoints in the city to avert Al-Shabaab attacks.

The first attack happened after a car packed with explosives detonated at a main security checkpoint near the country’s parliament building in the capital, causing deaths and injuries, according to eyewitnesses.

Minutes later, a second blast took place near KM4 junction, close to the security checkpoint leading to the Mogadishu’s main airport.

Somali Deputy Police Commander Zakia Hussein Ahmed tweeted that the driver of the vehicle used in the attack had been apprehended. She said there were no casualties resulting from blast.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for both attacks, but Alshabaab militants carry out frequent attacks in Mogadishu and across Somalia.

The Somali government has not yet commented on the fatalities that resulted from the two car bomb attacks in Mogadishu.