Turkish, Qatari ambassadors in flood-ravaged central Somali town

International community representatives have arrived in the central Somali town of Beledweyne, perhaps the hardest-hit city in Somalia by devastating floods that ravaged riverine areas in the country in the past few weeks.

Delegates who arrived in Beledweyne include ambassadors from Qatar and Turkey, some of the countries who have greatly contributed to humanitarian efforts following the floods.

The Hirshabelle Regional State President Mohamed Abdi Waare and other officials are meeting the delegates to discuss the humanitarian situation.

Floods have affected close to half a million people in southern and central Somalia.

A National Floods Emergency Committee set up by the federal government has been coordinating efforts to assist hundreds of thousands displaced.

The United Nations and the African Union Mission in the country (Amisom) have been taking part in the humanitarian efforts, providing helicopters to evacuate stranded villagers.

Political parties and other aid groups have also been providing those affected with mosquito nets, water trucking services and even money.