Teenage Girl Raped and Killed in Central Somalia

A 12-year old girl was sexually assaulted and later killed in Galkacyo, family members reported on Monday.

The incident was confirmed by the Mudug regional head of police forces, Ahmad Osman who termed the incident, “ugly and inhumane.”

The girl was named Aisha Ilyas was last seen Sunday morning when she was sent to the local grocery market to get supply. She was never seen again.

“She was tortured, raped and killed and later dumbed upfront of their home in Galkacyo,” Ahmad Osman told the press.

He added that, “We have arrested suspects and the police are continuing with investigations to bring to light the individuals behind it.”

Aisha is believed to have been killed at an area in Galkacyo where several other similar incidents took place in the past.

The incident caused uproar in social media on Monday with most users castigating the local administration for doing little about similar ncidents that happened in the area.

Others wondered why there’s no protest and condemnation from leaders in the region.

Ahmed Kosar, a radio broadcaster and social media critic called on the local women to take to the streets in a bid to express their anger and disappointment.

“Why are we not seeing anger. We should be angry at this. This is unacceptable,” he posted on Monday.