Teenage Brothers of Somali origin killed in Kansas City

Two boys of Somali origin were killed in Kansas City, Missouri. The two brothers, Abdulwahid Abdulaziz, 16, and Abdirahman Abdulaziz, 14, were killed Friday night outside their home in Kansas.

They led Tarawih prayers that night at a mosque in the Somali Center of Kansas City.

Their brother, Hanad Abdulaziz, 25, is suspected of being behind the killings.

City police have launched an investigation to arrest the man suspected of the murder. However, police later killed the suspect. Police are currently investigating the motive behind the killings.

Somalis in Kansan City were shocked by the incident, as they were well acquainted with the two brothers who were killed in the city.

“They were leaders in their community at a very young age,” Abdurahman Abu, 18, told Kansan City Star.

“These deaths are devastating and will always have an ever lasting effect on the local community. This incident has really shocked us all,” says Abu.

The mayor of the city, Quinton Lucas, tweeted about the incident on Saturday, saying: “Our young people — and all people — should be safe coming back and forth from religious services. Saddened to hear of the killing of two teenagers returning home from Ramadan services this evening in Northeast.”

Reports from Somalis in Kansas City say the boys’ mother was killed at her home in 2009.