South West State hinders talks between federal gov’t, regional states

Talks between delegations from the federal government and regional states in the country, which have been going on in the past few days, collapsed because of the actions of the South West regional state, according to sources.

Last month, the presidency asked the United Nations to invite regional states in the country for talks to discuss the 2020 elections. The UN tried to get technical committees from the federal government and the states to hold a virtual meeting via Zoom.

However, the parties involved failed to agree on a date for the meeting. Puntland suggested 20 June, but this was rejected by the South West administration which demanded that any meeting be held from 15 July or later.

The only reason the administration gave for the refusal was that it was not ready for such a meeting yet according to sources privy to the discussions.

The Galmudug regional state, which wanted to host the meeting, suggested 1 July. Puntland and Jubbaland agreed, but South West yet again refused.

The talks collapsed after the South West administration, which is believed to be acting on the behest of the federal government, rejected every attempt at setting a date.