Somaliland soldier injured in clash with renegade commander loyalists

Troops from the self-declared Republic of Somaliland have engaged in heavy fighting with a militia loyal to the renegade commander, Colonel Said Awil Jama’ (Aare), media sources report.

The fighting, which took place in the town of Erigabo in Sanaag region, wounded at least one Somaliland soldier and caused other casualties, according to the reports.

Colonel Aare had deserted the Somaliland army together with a group of supporters and set up base near Erigabo.

Several attempts by the Somaliland army to capture him and scatter his militia have failed.

Efforts recently launched by elders in the region to mediate between him and the Somaliland administration also appear to have failed.

This comes amid tensions with the neighbouring state of Puntland, which is locked in a territorial dispute with Somaliland.