Somalia’s security forces clash over Tax money in Mogadishu’s Ex-control Afgoi

Somalia’s security forces on Saturday morning exchanged gunfires on Mogadishu’s busiest intersections over the tax money collected from the Public transport vehicles, witnesses said.

Witnesses said that the government’s security forces stationed at Ex-control Afgoi in Mogadishu abruptly started firing at each other, after disagreeing how the money collected from the Public transport will be divided amongst them.

Footages from the scene show pools of blood, civilians fleeing from their businesses, screaming civilians wounded in the clashes.

At least 3 people including policemen were killed in the gunfight and unknown number of people were wounded at Ex-control Agfoi.

Separately, Somali security forces  begun collecting illegal toll from private and public transport at a checkpoint inside Afgoy some 30 KM Southwest of Mogadishu.

Analysists believe that money collected as Tax money in Mogadishu’s Benadir region do not officially go into the government’s bank account, leading misappropriation of tax money and corruption.