Somalia’s Jubbaland officials defy state president over dismissal

Officials in Gedo region, southern Somalia, have rejected a directive issued by the Jubbaland state president, Ahmed Mohamed Islam aka Ahmed Madobe, in which he dismissed the district commissioners of Luq, Beled Hawo, and Dolo districts, as well as the deputy governor of Gedo.

The officials, who have recently rejected the legitimacy of Jubbaland state president Ahmed Madobe, said they are loyal to the federal government and have no working relations with Madobe.

The development comes after the Jubbaland vice-president, Mohamud Sayid Adan, was recently prevented from entering parts of Gedo region after officials there switched loyalty to the federal government.

Opposition parties have recently accused the federal government of using Ethiopian troops to intimidate officials in Gedo into renouncing Madobe. Ethiopia has denied the accusation.

The ongoing political dispute between the federal government and the Jubbaland regional state began after the controversial re-election of Madobe in August which was rejected by the federal government.