Somalia’s Jubbaland leader rejects IGAD offer to send poll monitors

Jubbaland state president Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe held a closed-door meeting with a delegation from the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in Kismayo last night.

President Madobe and IGAD Special Envoy for Somalia Mohamed Ali Guyo discussed issues related to the Jubbaland elections and grievances raised by the other presidential candidates.

Madobe briefed the IGAD envoy on the situation in Jubbaland, arrangements for the elections and the strained relationship between him and the federal government. He also dismissed the complaints made by the Jubbaland presidential candidates against his administration.

The envoy announced that IGAD will send election observers to monitor the poll process.

However, Ahmed Madobe rejected IGAD’s proposal and urged them to remain neutral and to trust the state’s election commission to conduct the polls.

The two sides have set a date for another meeting in the coming few days.

Meanwhile, the IGAD delegation is today expected to hold separate meetings with the Jubbaland electoral commission, presidential candidates and the traditional elders selected to appoint the members of the new state parliament.