Somalia’s Jubbaland condemns federal government’s ‘illegal actions’ in Gedo region

The Jubbaland regional state has condemned what it termed the federal government’s illegal actions in Gedo region.

This comes after Jubbaland’s deputy interior minister appointed a new governor for the region weeks after federal government troops took control of most towns in the region after expelling Jubbaland forces.

Both officials are loyal to the federal government.

However, in a statement issued on Thursday, Jubbaland dismissed the appointments as illegal and vowed not t recognise them.

Jubbaland Deputy Interior Minister Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein, recently appointed Osman Nur Haji Maalimu as the region’s governor.

The newly-appointed governor vowed to hunt down any official still loyal to the Jubbaland administration in Gedo region.

Two weeks ago, a former district commissioner of Garbaharey, Gedo region, was arrested and flown to Mogadishu, after he defied an order by the federal government to replace him.

The political row between the federal government began in August last year after Jubbaland leader Ahmed Madobe was re-elected in a controversial poll in Kismayo. The federal government rejected his re-election and termed it null and void.