Somalia’s Galmudug state parliament to elect speaker 17th January

The parliamentary committee for Galmudug elections has set 17th January as the date the members of the regional parliament will elect their House Speaker.

The move comes after members of the new state parliament were sworn in on Sunday and elected their oldest member as acting speaker.

The 15-member committee has published the following timetable for the election of Galmudug State Parliament Speaker:

14th-15th January: Candidates to present their nomination papers for the position of House Speaker

16th January: Candidates to make speeches in parliament and present their programmes

17th January: Election and swearing in of the House Speaker

It is important to note that this process will culminate in the election of Galmudug state president by the new MPs.

The development comes amid rejection of the new parliament by the outgoing Galmudug state president, Ahmed Duale Haaf, who has accused the federal government of rigging the elections.