Somalia: Prominent Presidential candidate calls for restraint, warns unfortunate clan violence over the assassination of Female NISA agent

Somalia’s top presidential candidate Dahir Gelle as on Friday afternoon called on brothers and sisters in Beletwein to show restraint and warned likely but unfortunate clan violence that might implicate innocent people, following the murder of female NISA agent, who was recently announced dead by the its agent NISA, after several months of her disappearance.

Presidential candidate Dahir Gelle’s call for peace follows after several people were reportedly kidnapped in the town of Beletwein over the assassination of Ikran Tahliil, a NISA agent who, according to her family, was assassinated by its boss Fahad Yasin and his deputy Kulane Jiis.

“Tribal revenge is where our nation collapsed, and we do not want it to continue. I urge all sides involved to overcome their own grievances in a peaceful manner and avoid having innocent people.” Presidential candidate Dahir Gelle told reporters in Mogadishu on Friday.

24-year-old Ikran Tahlil Farah was kidnapped June 26 near her home in Mogadishu’s Abdulaziz district, which is close to the agency’s headquarters.

Her disappearance raised a storm with her family constantly asking the government to explain her disappearance or produce her.

On Thursday through Somalia’s National News Agency (SONNA) Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security agency announced one of its agents Ikran Tahliil was killed by the Somali militant group Al-Shabab, a claim refuted by the group in a statement published by the pro-militant websites.

”We are neither aware nor behind the killing of Ikraan Tahliil of NISA. Just like the Somali public, we are shocked that the government intelligence is blaming us for the killing of their agent.” the statement said.