Somalia: President Farmajo asks PM Roble to resign

According to sources close to the matter, Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo met with Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble today and asked him to resign. According to reports, Roble refused to leave the office.

The source added that PM Roble told Farmajo that his government would ensure that the country holds elections based on the September 17 agreement.

The president planned to remove Prime Minister Roble in a parliamentary session on Saturday. But the news has been circulating since yesterday, prompting the speaker parliament of the to reverse his decision and announce there won’t be a motion of no-confidence against PM Roble.

Other reports from sources close to Villa Somalia say President Farmajo may ask his loyalist ministers to announce their resignations from Roble’s cabinet, which is another move to pressure the prime minister.

Ministers of Security, Finance, Planning, Women and Family Affairs, Information and Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled may resign at the behest of the presidency.

Reports from Prime Minister Roble’s office say his advisers have advised him to reshuffle his cabinet and fire ministers loyal to President Farmajo.

Somali politics is in a state of uncertainty these days after the Somali prime minister and regional administrations unanimously rejected an extension of President Farmajo’s term by two years, which triggered a power struggle within the top leaders of the federal government.