Somalia issues heavy rain and storm advisory

The Somali government has warned that the country faces further flooding amid forecasts of heavy rains and storms in the country.

A press statement from the ministry of information tells the Somali public, aid organizations and partner countries that heavy rains are expected to continue in the country and would likely lead to more floods.

“The federal Government of Somalia shares with the various sections of the public, aid organizations and friends of Somalia the problems it is facing caused by climate change, specifically floods and storms that are expected to hit some regions of the country…

“The Government has put all flood emergency relief and response agencies on high alert to deal with any fallout from the forecast heavy rains and windstorms,” the statement said.

It added the Benadir administration and the national police force have been preparing to respond to floods that are expected in the capital Mogadishu.

People have been urged to call 911 in case of any danger.

The statement also says that more than 25 villages around the town of Bal’ad in Middle Shabelle region have been flooded as water levels continue to rise in River Shabelle.

Militant group Al-Shabaab has also been diverting floods to villages and farms in the region, with the intention of cutting of the targeted areas.

Over 500,000 people are estimated to have been affected by floods across the country in the past few months, although the true extent of damage caused remains unknown.