Somalia Galmudug parliament elects new Speaker, deputies in Dusomareb

The newly formed Galmudug state parliament has elected Mohamed Nur Ga’al as Speaker. Ga’al, who garnered the votes of 54 members out of the 89-member assembly, beat opponent Nasir Adan Osman, who received 34 votes.

Before the election, held in the administrative capital Dusomareb, Abdullahi Ahmed Alasow, the third contestant for the position of Speaker, dropped out of the race.

The regional parliament then elected the first deputy Speaker, Abdullahi Hirsi Mohamed, and second deputy Speaker, Fatuma Abdi Ali.

Speakers of the two Houses of the Federal Parliament have congratulated the new leadership of the Galmudug parliament.

The regional parliament will now prepare for the election of the Galmudug state president in the coming days, amid an ongoing dispute between the outgoing president, Ahmad Duale Haf, and the federal government.

Haf has rejected the legitimacy of the electoral commission set up by the interior ministry of the federal government, and has set up his own commission.

A few days ago, Haf notified the international community that he has withdrawn confidence from the electoral process run by the federal government, which he accused of imposing its will on the people of Galmudug.