Somalia denies Al-Shabaab stopped construction of Mogadishu stadium

The Federal Government of Somalia has denied reports that Al-Shabaab has stopped the construction and renovation of Mogadishu’s main football stadium.

Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled (Khadar), Minister of Youth and Sports Khadija Mohamed Dirie, the minister of information, governor of Banadir region and the region’s deputy head of security, Mohamed Abdullahi Tula, visited the stadium yesterday.

The minister of information, Mohamed Abdi Hayir, said that the construction and renovation of Mogadishu stadium was ongoing, adding that reports Al-Shabaab stopped the construction were totally untrue.

He called on the media and the public to be cautious and not spread fake news.

The minister said they would also investigate the contractor and question him about the false report.