Somalia defends decision to cut ties with Guinea

Somali Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad has defended the government’s decision to cut ties with Guinea, accusing it of violating Somali sovereignty.

Following a meeting with international community representatives in Mogadishu, Awad told reporters that the government had taken the move to cut ties with Guinea after careful consideration of that country’s actions.

He said the Government of Guinea had knowingly treated a region of Somalia as a sovereign state, a move he described as complete disrespect for Somalia.

He stressed that Mogadishu regards Somaliland as part of Somalia and sent a warning to “a number of countries” who seek to provoke Somalia by dealing with Somaliland as an independent state.

The government’s move was yesterday criticized by the Wadajir Party Leader Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, who said the decision was thoughtless and showed diplomatic immaturity.

Warsame added that the decision would be exploited by actors seeking to further widen the gap between Somalia and Somaliland.

Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991 but remains unrecognized by the international community.