Somali Senate speaker rejects Banadir’s representation, urges amendment of electoral law

Somalia’s Upper House of Parliament has rejected a report sent by the speaker of the Lower House of Parliament, Mohamed mursal Sheikh Abdirahman, to the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs on the representation of Banadir region in the Upper House.

The speaker of the Upper House, Abdi Hashi, said in a statement that Speaker Mursal’s letter to the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs was a violation of the legislative procedures of the country as stipulated in Chapter 6 of Somalia’s provisional constitution.

Speaker Hashi also defended the major role of the Upper House in approving the country’s legislations, pointing out that the four clauses that were passed to complete the electoral law would be null and void unless they conform with the legislation procedures in the country.

He called on the National Independent Electoral Commission not to use the new clauses of the electoral law until they are amended.

The development adds to the political turmoil the country is facing with the two Hoses of Parliament in opposing sides of the political divide on major issues such as when and how elections would be held and Banadir region’s representation in the Upper House.