Somali regional officials killed in roadside bomb attack

Several Somali regional officials were killed in a roadside bomb explosion on the outskirts of Bal’ad town in southern Somalia early on 14 September.

The Hirshabelle state officials, who left Bal’ad in the morning for the regional capital Jowhar, were hit by the explosion in Gololey area.

At least five people, including the Deputy Finance Chairman of Middle Shabelle Region Abdullahi Shitawe and Former Hirshabelle State Commerce Minister Sabriye Osman, were killed.

Hassan Baldos, a humanitarian aid worker operating in the Middle Shabelle, and other regional officials also died in the attack.

The Jowhar-Bal’ad road has been getting increasingly dangerous in the recent pasts, with Al-Shabaab militants intensifying direct and bomb attacks in the area.