Somali regional leader rejects Ethiopian demands on Jubbaland election

Reports from Kismayo indicate that a three-hour meeting between Ethiopian intelligence officials and Somalia’s Jubbaland state president, Ahmed Madobe, failed to reach an agreement. Madobe was accompanied in the meeting by his interior and security ministers.

The Ethiopian Intelligence officials reportedly demanded Madobe to reopen the voter registration to allow opposition candidates to register and also asked the Jubbaland regional administration to lift the ban on federal government officials from visiting Kismayo.

Sources in Kismayo have confirmed that Ahmed Madobe rejected the demands of the Ethiopian intelligence officials and said that giving second chance to opposition candidates on registration depends on the Jubbaland Independent electoral body which has its own rules and procedures and therefore will make its own decision.

President Madobe has also responded to the other issue of lifting the ban on federal government officials to visit the region, saying that it was a decision made by the Jubbaland Council of Ministers and can only be sent to the state assembly which will either amend it or leave it as it is.

The Ethiopian intelligence officials who have secretly arrived in Kismayo returned to Mogadishu on Thursday Morning.