Somalia: Somali Prime Minister appoints Technical Election Support Team

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble appointed 7 member technical election committee aimed to coordinate and facilitate the smooth implementation of the 2021 National Indirect election process.

“The appointment of the Technical Election Support Team is effective as from today (8 June 2021) and shall be published on the official bulletin of the government” the statement released by the office of the Prime minister read part.

The appointment follows after the Somali prime Minister struck a historic deal with the federal member states and opposition presidential candidate last month and agreed to hold an election within 60 days.   The agreement was followed by the appointment of a  ministerial-level committee to verify complaints against some members of the Electoral Commissions of both regional and federal levels to ensure transparency in the coming elections.

According to the deputy minister Abdirahman Yusuf Alcadaala, Somalia prime minister instructed the committee to remove all government’s civil servants and members of the armed forces from both regional and federal levels of the electoral commission to ensure that elections are held in fair, fair and transparent manner, however much has not been done to resolve the complaints from the presidential candidates.

Many analysts question the possibility of holding a general election within 60 days based on in May agreement, which almost a quarter of the time already gone. Although, the technical committee is mandated to facilitate and support prime minister’s office to coordinate all technical related national indirect elections 2021.