Somali president calls for unity in parliament address

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on Wednesday opened the sixth session of the two Houses of Parliament after a two-month recess.

He said Somalia was ready to engage transparently with the international community and the East African Community.

The president said that leaders of the regional states in the country have discussed how the capital Mogadishu will be granted a special status as part of the federal system in the country.

Farmajo added that the government has put in place a development plan to achieve an inclusive policy, highlighting the focus on fighting corruption, justice, financial management and sharing of the country’s resources in the implementation of the federal system.

The head of state commended Galmudug’s reconciliation efforts, the recent Somali Partnership Forum summit that was held in Mogadishu and praised the international community their contributions in Somalia.

President Farmajo finally appealed to the Somali people to forgive each other and unite to achieve full nationhood and true brotherhood.