Somali president attends closing ceremony of Galmudug reconciliation conference

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, who arrived in the central town od Dusamareb on Monday officially closed the Galmudug Reconciliation Conference last evening.

President Farmajo, who was accompanied by senior government officials including Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation Minister Abdi Mohamed Sabriye and Internal Security Minister Mohamed Abukar Islaw, stated that the phase two of the Galmudug reconciliation process, which entails inclusive state administration will start soon.

The president thanked government officials, in both federal and regional levels, for organizing the successful reconciliation conference while acknowledging the vital role of traditional elders from the host state.

“We are now reaping the benefits of the long-awaited reconciliation meeting, we are now moving towards the second phase of the establishment of administration in Galmudug with strong foundation,” The president said.

The president has also pledged strong support from the federal government for the people of the state to accomplish their political aspirations and development in future.

Farmajo however called for the unity of various groups including political groups, religious leaders, the business community, youth and women to drive the agenda forward and achieve long-lasting peace and stability in the region.

President Farmajo also presented certificates of acknowledgement to key individuals who worked towards the success of the reconciliation conference. They include Galmudug regional state president, Ahmed Gelle Haaf, Ahlu Sunnah leader, Sheikh Mohamed Shakir and the chair of the reconciliation committee, Professor Abdirahman Badiyow.