Somali partnership forum to open soon amid political wrangling

The Somali Partnership Forum (SPF) is expected to open in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, early October.

The forum, held every six months, was last held in Brussels, Belgium, in July 2018.

It has been postponed three times because of the dispute between the federal government and regional states.

There is uncertainty as to whether it will take place as planned, because of disagreements over attendance.

The federal government has refused to allow Jubbaland state president, Ahmed Madobe, to attend the forum while Puntland is insisting that he does.

The international community, which is organising the forum, proposed that Jubbaland be represented at ministerial level. Whether Madobe will accept this remains to be seen.

The forum will discuss the issues of security, 2020 elections, economic development and debt relief for Somalia.

It will be attended by Somali national and regional political leaders, international community representatives and donor countries.