Somali opposition presidential candidates discussing next steps after rejecting election committee

A conference bringing together over 10 Somali opposition presidential candidates, discussing the 2020/21 parliamentary and president elections and their dispute with the government over the election implementation committee, has entered its second day.

In the conference, which opened in Mogadishu yesterday, candidates are specially discussing next steps after rejecting the current election implementation committee which was recently established by the government.

Their issue with the committee is that a large number of its members are known supporters of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

Dahir Mohamed Gelle, one of the presidential candidates and a former information minister under President Farmajo, said the government’s mishandling of the election implementation committee’s formation endangers the country’s stability and risks eroding gains made on the state and peace building process.

The conference will conclude tomorrow 23 November, after which the candidates are expected issue a statement on the issues discussed and decisions made.