Somali opposition leader criticises US over stance on Galmudug election

A Somali opposition politician has accused the US Government of supporting the current government in Mogadishu’s practices of human rights violation and incitement of conflict in the country.

Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, leader of the opposition Wadajir party, said it will be difficult for the Somali people to see the US as an impartial partner, because it has taken sides in internal political fights.

“If the US had recognised the bloody elections in South West State… and have today congratulated the crowning of the so-called Galmudug president, [in such a situation], it is difficult that the Somali people see the US as an impartial partner. This is also a clear indication that the self-serving policies of FGS leaders, including violation of the Constitution, human rights abuses, undermining of regional state governments, inciting clan conflicts and attacking the opposition had the tacit support of the US Embassy in Somalia,” said the opposition leader.

The US embassy in Mogadishu today welcomed the election of Ahmed Abdi Kariye aka Qorqor as the president of Galmudug. Qorqor hadd the full backing of the federal government amid an electoral dispute in the region.

Two other individuals have already been proclaimed presidents of the central regional state by their own factions. They are the former regional leader Ahmed Duale Haaf and Ahlu Sunnah leader Sheikh Mohamed Shakir.

As the fight for control of Galmudug continues, fears are growing that an armed conflict may erupt in the region and further deepen instability in an already fragile Somalia.