Somali military court sentences two men to death for killing soldiers

The Military Court of the Somali Armed Forces in Mogadishu today sentenced Al-Shabaab suspects to death for killing government soldiers.

The two men who were identified as Shueib Abdullahi Mohamed and Sadaq Abdijabar Hussein were believed to have participated in the killing of government soldiers in Mogadishu.

Sadiq Abdijabar,who has been accused of being a member of a major assassination unit of Al-Shabaab, was arrested over the killing of Colonel Mohamud Hassan Ibrahim in March 2019.

For his part, Shueib Abdullahi Mohamed was accused of killing three soldiers by the names Hussein Moalim Ali Jilaow, Yusuf Abdullahi Mohamud, Abdullahi Ibrahim Hassan and Abdi Ali Mohamud, who was a civilian trader in the slaughter market.

The court also sentenced Mohamed Osman Ahmed and Ismail Aweys to life in prison for their involvement in insecurity.

The two suspects were planning to kill a girl selling miraa (Khat) but their attempts failed after police officers arrested them while on a motorcycle armed with a pistol.

The court allowed anyone who was dissatisfied with the tribunal could appeal.