Somali military court convicts a dozen people over 12 August prison break

A military court in the Somali capital Mogadishu today convicted an escapee and several prison guards over the 12 August 2020 jail break at the Mogadishu Central Prison.

Mubarak Ibrahim, an al-Shabab militant who was serving a 10-year term at the facility before escaping during the prison break, was sentenced to death in absentia for the escape and the murder of two people in the process.

Six guards who were on duty that day were also given sentences ranging from six months to five years, after convicting them of involvement.

Mohamed Nur Isaq, who used to deliver food to the inmates, was convicted of smuggling in weapons ahead of the attack. He was sentenced to five years.

The court ordered the release of another guard for lack of sufficient evidence. The 12 August prison break left at least six people dead.