Somali forces hit Al Shabab base in Lower Shabelle

MOGADISHU—The US forces and Somali commandos hit at an Al-shabaab base at the lower Shabelle region. The region is believed to be one of the strongholds of Al-shabaab in Somalia.

Mohammed Ibrahim Barre, the Governor of lower Shabelle, acknowledged the success of Somali government forces and its ally in launching the attack while destroying Al Shabab strategic base.

Lower Shabelle borders Banaadir region where Al-shabaab fighters staged several terror attacks in the last three weeks.

The Governor also stated the Somali troops carried out attacks on Al-shabaab bases in other cities in region such as, Awdheegle, Bariira, Janaale, Dacare and Kuunya Barrow.

The Governor believes members of Al-Shabaab were killed in the raid across these regions.

The surge in US air attacks, which are in support of the Somali national army, is the result of a 2017 policy change by the Trump administration that gave the Department of Defence greater latitude to authorise strikes.

Previously, under guidelines established by President Barack Obama, air strikes outside of active US conflict zones needed to be vetted by multiple agencies and could only be approved if the target posed a “continuing, imminent threat” to the US.

The shift has taken an unprecedented toll on al-Shabaab’s rank and file, leaving more than 500 fighters dead in the past two years.