Somali commandos said gun down Al-Shabaab bomb expert

The Somali Commando force known as Danab have killed an Al-Shabaab bomb expert in a raid near the town of Wanlaweyn in Lower Shabelle, southern Somalia.

The explosives expert, described by officials leading the operation as a senior Al-Shabaab commander named Mohamed Osman Hussein Bulush, was shot dead in a firefight with the commandos, who initially aimed to capture him.

Bulush is said to have been the replacement of Al-Shabaab Mohamed Sidow, who was killed in an air strike in Aliyow Barrow on 28 December, according to a senior Danab commander.

Al-Shabaab has so far not commented on the killing of Bulush, although it should be remembered that the militant group rarely publicizes its losses.