Somali army chief survives assassination attempt in Mogadishu

Somali army chief, Gen Odawaa Yusuf Rage, today survived an assassination attempt in the capital, Mogadishu.

This happened after the general’s convoy was targeted by a suicide car bomb attack at the Tarabun intersection, Hodan district of Mogadishu.

Reports indicate that the vehicle filled with explosives tried to target Gen Odawaa’s car but his guards opened fire on it leading to a huge explosion whose loud bang was heard across the city.

Two people, among them the suicide bomber were reportedly killed in the attack.

Gen Odowaa, who left the Ministry of Defence headquarters shortly before the attack, later told the state-owned media outlets that he was the target of the attack and that the aim was to assassinate him but that his security detail were very alert and foiled the suicide mission.

The Al-Qaeda-linked militant group, Al-Shabaab, has carried out similar attacks in the past targeting government officials.