Somali army, AMISOM troops capture three villages from Al-Shabaab

The Somali National Army (SNA), backed by AMISOM troops have conducted joint military operations to push out Al-Shabaab militants, from Somalia’s lower Shabelle region in southern Somalia.

According to military sources, the joint forces on Sunday morning captured three villages in the region, near Wanlaweyn district from Al-Shabaab militants without meeting any resistance from the Al-Shabaab fighters who have been controlling these areas for years.

The areas liberated by the SNA include Yaqbirweyne , Lego and Madah-Marodi towns which situated close to the Balli-Dogle military training camp, an American-run airport in southern Somalia.

Residents in the seized towns are reporting that the government troops, with support from AMISOM forces are currently carrying out security operations to flush out the Al-Shabaab militants from the surrounding areas.

“Security operations against Al-Shabab militants is currently underway in Yaqbirweyne village which is about 15 kilometres away from Ballidogle, the American-run airport and military camp,” a resident who requested not to be named said.

One of the liberated areas, Lego, has been an Al-Shabaab stronghold for years, where the militants used to orchestrate attacks against the SNA and foreign troops in the region.