Rot in the Refugee camp: Dadaab refugees claim UN staff ask bribe for resettlement

DADAAB, KENYA—A seven Months investigations reported the involvement of UN staff in demanding a bribe in exchange of resettlement from refuges in Daadab camp, NBC News reports.

Interviews carried out within the camp revealed that the refugees claim that a UN Staff known as David Momanyi was regularly involved in corruption and asking for bribes in exchange for asylum.

The Somali refugee’s four children are now 800 miles away from her, living with her ex-husband and new wife in Minnesota. Her children are among the few refugees given a chance to live in another country to start a new life.

Abdullahi said she believes that Mr. Momanyi played a crucial role in accepting a bribe in exchange for her family’s resettlement need.

“I always remember his face,” said Hamdi Abdullahi who is a refugee stationed in the camp. She claimed that Mr. Momanyi was paid a hefty amount of money by her ex-husband to feed false information about her to the U.S. government so that she is left behind.

Abdullahi’s claims were acknowledged by a former UN contractor who acted as middle man for Mr. Momanyi. He claimed that Abdullahi’s ex-husband paid almost $20,000 in multiple installments.

The UN contractor also said, speaking anonymously for fear of retribution that he collected tens of thousands of dollars from refugees while acting as a middleman for Momanyi and other UNHCR staffers over several years.

Reached by phone, Abdullahi’s ex-husband confirmed he had been resettled in Minnesota, but said any allegation of corruption was “False information.”

Refugees, current and former UNHCR employees, aid workers and two previous U.N. investigators say bribery and corruption are found in a variety of services. The UNHCR and companion organizations are charged with providing, but report that it is especially unavoidable in resettlement — a precious opportunity for the world’s most vulnerable refugees to restart their lives in safe new countries, usually in the West.

In this first phase of MBS News report, three former UNHCR staff members said their contracts were terminated after they spoke about the fraud, corruption and the rights of the refugees.

Instead, corrupt staffers in the position of power replaced them with others who could tolerate the rot within the Refugee camp.