Roadside Bomb Kills Two People, Wounds Three Others in Middle Shabeelle Region

An explosion which caused casualties, including deaths and injuries occurred on the outskirts of Mahadday district in Middle Shabeelle region on Thursday.

The explosion resulted from a roadside bomb that hit a rickshaw carrying civilians, according to reports.

The blast specifically occurred in Marduug area, which is located few kilometers outside Mahadday district in the Middle Shabeelle region.

Residents reported that they heard a loud explosion which similarly heard from several villages neighboring Marduug area.

At least two people were killed while three others were injured in the explosion, according to eyewitnesses who spoke to media.

So far, the Middle Shabeelle administration has not issue a statement regarding the details of explosion.

On several occasions, explosions targeted civilians and Somali federal government forces using the road connecting Mahadday town and areas on its outskirts.