Officials meet to probe growing coordinated attacks in Mogadishu

Multi-Agency security teams have on Tuesday launched an investigation into the circumstances that led to the shooting of nine people, mostly women, by unknown gunmen on Monday.

The teams met today in Mogadishu to ascertain whether a lack of coordination between the agencies could have led to the death of the volunteers.

The minister for Internal Security Mohamed Abuukar Islow Du’ale and the head of the police force convened the crisis meeting.

Officials from the Lower Shabelle told the press that their counterparts from the Lafole were summoned at the CID headquarter to make a statement.

“They will likely be asked to explain how the gunmen were able to kill such a number of people in one scene,” an official privy to the probe intimated to Somali Affairs in confidence because he is not allowed to speak on behalf of the local authority.

As the officials discussed yesterday’s shooting, a man was today shot dead at the Hamar Weyne Market. The trader was shot by two assailants armed with pistols, witnesses confirmed.

The capital city, Mogadishu, is lately experiencing coordinated attacks with 11 deaths reported since Sunday evening.

Osman Elmi Boqore, a legislature, was shot dead on Saturday evening by two gunmen in Karan district, north of Mogadishu.

The assailants were on motorcycles and fled the scene after shooting the oldest serving legislator. The militant group Al Shabab has since claimed responsibility for his death.

The interior minister and the head of the police are yet to react to a statement by Senator Hussein Sheikh Mohamud who claimed that the slain MP’s bodyguards were recalled by the head of the force days before he was killed by Al Shabab elements.