Museveni: Soldiers with intention to commit human rights abuse should be in Somalia

KAMPALA—The President of Uganda is once again on the spot after he deceived Somalia as a country where rogue soldiers can “slap and harass women.”

Addressing his country’s troops in Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni said soldiers with tendency of violence against civilians are better off flown to Somalia where such acts are entertained.

”If you cannot respect women or will subject civilians to violence, then you are not supposed to be here. We will take you to Somalia where you can continue with your actions,” Museveni said while reacting to reports that an officer slapped a fellow female officer.

This latest comment could further jeopardize relations between Somalia and Uganda, a troop contributing nations to the AMISOM forces.

Addressing the 2019 Annual Judges conference at Kampala Serena Hotel on Monday, Museveni told judges to bear in mind and know the difference between a country, nation and state while dispensing justice.

“What is a state? The state is different from country, nation. Those three words are different.” said Museveni in his opening remarks.

“Country means the land where you have authority over. Nation means people of a common origin…State means organised authority over the country. You can therefore have a country without a state. We have got many examples where there’s a country but there’s no state, [where] there is no organised authority over that land. Somalia is one example. There are quite a number of examples but for diplomatic reasons I’m not going to mention them.”

Museveni’s comments haven’t gone well with Somali nationals who say they actually see no difference between Uganda and Somalia in terms of technological advancement or infrastructure development. In any case, some said, at least Somalia has been changing presidents and has not been “stuck” with the same “dictatorial” president for the last 33 years as Uganda pretending to preside over a ‘fake’ democracy.