Motorists Protest Against ‘Extra’ Roadblocks in Mogadishu

A massive protest against roadblocks took place in Mogadishu today.

Hundreds of people, mainly motorists, took to the streets in Mogadishu to protest against extra roadblocks erected by the security forces in the Somali capital.

Angry protesters chanting slogans against the federal government’s move to block some of the main roads burned tyres as they marched from Mogadishu’s SOS Junction to Industry Road all the way to Ex-Control Bal’ad in Hilwaa district.

The protesters demanded the removal of the additional roadblocks that were recently erected by the federal government forces. The demonstrators who addressed the media expressed their concern over the blockade as well as heavy tax imposed on them.

Reports say that the picketers blocked vehicles from using the road and there was no intervention by the security forces to disperse the protestors.

However, according to sources close to the federal government, the new blockades erected at some of the roads in Mogadishu are aimed at heightening the security in the Somali capital.