Mogadishu mayor contradicts gov’t, says ‘many have died’ of Covid-19

MOGADISHU (Hiiraan Online) – Banadir Governor Omar Filish has warned the spread of Covid-19 could be higher in Mogadishu than the official reports by the government noting ‘many people have died’.

The governor, who also doubles up as the mayor of Mogadishu, said Thursday that he knows a number of people who have contracted the disease and died contrary to the position of the government which puts the number of confirmed cases to 12 and one death.

“In fact, in Mogadishu, people may not be aware of it; they have been infected, many people have died, some have died and I know them, so the recommendations of doctors should be taken,” said Governor Omar Filish.

It was not immediately clear which information the mayor was relying on but it confirms fears raised by the Somali Medical Association Monday which noted there could be a number of undetected cases since ‘many people with COVID-19 symptoms have been visiting several hospitals.’

Somalia recorded the first death from Covid-19 Wednesday. According to the Ministry of Health, the victim was a 58 year old man who had been admitted to the isolation centre at Martini hospital last week.

The man who had no history of travel becomes the first victim of local transmission.