Hirshabelle to hold Senate election/selection

The president of Hirshabelle Ali Abdullahi Hussein has on Wednesday announced the timeline for the Election/selection of the Senators from Hirshabelle state of Somalia, becoming the fourth state to hold upper house elections.

The list of the seats to be elected/selected will be 8 seats, where potential candidates will be voted, though the winners are already clear and each candidate has handpicked her contestant.

One of the candidates who will likely win his seat include Hassan Iidow Mohamoud known as Hassan Kobac, a UK citizen and a business man who has close connection with the Hirshabelle President, Ali Guudlaawe, but also fueled interclan fighting in near Beletwein.

Many people accuse Hassan Kobac for arming his clan to fight another Makane, a minority clan in Hiiraan region, where his clan members burned down villages and innocent people.

“Our villages were burned down, because of the arms and weapons he provided to his clan, without which many our people would not have been killed” Abdi Ali, a resident in the town of Beletein who belong to the rival clan said, “These so called business people have blood in their hands”

Preliminary reports indicate that Mr.Mohamud sold luxury cars and provided cash to some of the Hirshabelle lawmakers, the same lawmakers who will be voting for the senate positions.

Reliable sources say that besides arming his clan and providing money and luxury cars to some of the Hirshabelle lawmakers, he is involved in drug business.

Many people who have criminal background are extremely seeking to win seats in the parliament to gain immunity in order to scape the justice.