Haaf insists he is lawful president of Somalia’s Galmudug

The outgoing president of the Galmudug regional state, Ahmed Duale Gelle Haaf, has insisted that he is the lawful president of Galmudug, saying that all claims to the contrary were null and void.

In a statement issued after the election of Ahmed Qoor Qoor, who has the backing of the federal government, as president of Galmudug in Dusomareb yesterday, Haaf said his term of office was extended by the legitimate parliament representing the state.

“The president of Galmudug entrusted the federal government with the responsibility of leading an inclusive electoral process that enjoys the support the people of Galmudug and all of the region’s stakeholders… After it became clear to him that the government was determined to ignore all of his advises and counsel, he withdrew that trust. Then, acting on requests from the people of Galmudug and the need for an inclusive electoral process in Galmudug, the president constituted an electoral commission, which formed a new parliament. That new parliament has extended the term of the lawful president of Galmudug, Ahmed Duale Gelle Haaf.”

He also condemned the US embassy in Mogadishu’s support for the election of Qoor Qoor, saying that the people of the region were shocked by the decision.

“The people and leadership of Galmudug were shocked to learn that the United States of America (USA), which was known for its support to democracy, transparency and respect for the federal system, has today recognized a so-called election, which the people of Galmudug know is actually robbery and looting.”