Former Somali chief of staff Gutale seeks Galmudug presidency

At a well-organized ceremony held on 17 September and attended by legislators from the two houses of parliament, politicians, youths, academics and elders, Somali politician and former presidential chief of staff, Kamal Dahir Gutale, announced his candidacy for the Galmudug state presidency.

Officials who spoke at the ceremony included Abdullahi Sambalolshe, former Somali intelligence agency director, Ahmed Abdisalan, who served as deputy prime minister during the transitional federal government, Yusuf Garad Omar, former foreign minister, Hussein Arab Isse, also former deputy prime minister and Senator Abdi Qeybdid, chairman of the parliamentary committee on constitutional review.

They all testified to Gutale’s experience, political expertise and administrative skills, which they said quality him to lead Galmudug.

Gutale himself later spoke at the ceremony, saying that he was a civil servant before he joined politics, and that Galmudug needs to follow the example of its neighboring state, Puntland, and build its own future.

He promised a stable political process for Galmudug, which he said could be achieved by including everyone and leaving no one behind. He also promised to use the experience and skills he gained in government over the years to serve the people of the region