Former presidents Mahmud and Sharif hold meeting with Speaker of Lower House of Parliament

Former presidents Hassan Sheikh Mahmud and Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed have held a meeting with the Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament Mohamed Mursal Sheikh Abdirahman and his deputy, Abdiweli Mudey.

The Speaker and his deputy had requested the meeting according to reliable sources, and intend to pass a message from President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo to the two former presidents.

President Ahmed and President Mahmud had previously held a meeting with the Lower House Speaker to discuss the upcoming national elections.

The two presidents, who lead the Forum for National Parties, a coalition of several political parties, have been pushing for the government to engage political stakeholders to negotiate an agreed-upon electoral process.

Although the content of the message from President Farmajo is not known, the former presidents have repeatedly expressed concern that government leaders did not intend to hold a free and fair election.