Floods devastate Somalia’s Qardho, Bardhere towns

Recent heavy rains in Somalia have caused flash floods that devastated the towns of Qardho, in the northern Puntland state, and Bardhere in the south, which is under the Jubbaland State administration.

In Qardho, the entire town was flooded yesterday, with majority of the buildings and homes in the town damaged. Food stores and markets were also destroyed, with the remaining residents at risk of starvation. Hundreds have been displaced.

At least six people, most of them children, died in the town with scores of others missing.

Puntland state president Said Abdullahi Deni, who arrived in the town after the devastating floods, has formed a committee to respond to the floods.

Today, the people of Qardho received humanitarian support from both the Puntland administration and the people of the region, including food and other basics to support those affected.

In Bardhere, the Jubba River flooded several neighbourhoods of the town, forcing many to flee their homes.

Jubbaland President Ahmed Madobe, who returned to Kismayo today from Kenya, promised to send emergency relief to the residents of the town.