EU terms Kheyre’s ouster “serious disrespect” for Somalia’s constitution

The European Eunion (EU) has added its voice to the US in criticising Somali parliament’s vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre.

A statement by EU Vice-President Josep Borrell said the move by Somalia’s Lower House of Parliament to oust Prime Minister Kheyre is a “setback for Somalia and for the confidence of the European Union in the progress of Somalia.”

Borrel said the process followed by the Somali parliament to bring about the vote of no confidence against Kheyre “did not meet minimal constitutional requirements.”

“This vote occurred a day after the conclusion of a much anticipated meeting between the President and Federal Member States at which it was agreed that consultations would follow and a further meeting would occur on August 15. These actions entail a serious disrespect for the constitutional foundations of Somalia, on which the European Union has been investing,” EU VP Borrell said in the statement.

“The European Union will review carefully how these events have come to pass, who bears responsibility and to what extent they deviate Somalia from the progress it was making and to which it had committed itself to its international partners,” Borrell added.

Earlier, the US Embassy in Somalia criticised what it called “irregular process”, saying it “is a setback for the reform agenda Somalia has pursued with the support of the United States.”

The US embassy added that Kheyre’s ouster “heightened political tensions and undermined the ongoing process of dialogue and negotiation” between the federal government, regional administrations and other key stakeholders.