Elders in Northern Kenya say contested sea area belongs to Somalia

Elders in northern Kenya now say contested sea section belongs to Somalia.

In an unprecedented move, the elders in Garissa maintain Kenya was “unlawfully” laying claim on the maritime border.

“If the maritime dispute is allowed in favour of Kenya, Somalia will lose its southern border to Kenya, ” the elder’s spokesman, Osman Ibrahim Af-Maror said.

The elders are drawn from Garissa County.

The elders similarly called for peaceful resolution of the conflict adding that both countries share other interest among them the fight against insurgency in the Horn of Africa region.

The elders’ statement was preceded by another by the youth from the region who called on the Kenyan government to navigate the dispute without going the extreme.

The maritime border dispute pits Kenya against Somalia as both countries await the verdict of the International Court of Justice.

On Friday, Kenya’s foreign minister said her country will not cede an inch of its territory in the maritime border dispute with Somalia.

This decision was made at a Cabinet meeting at State House in Nairobi yesterday chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta and was later communicated by Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma.

The Cabinet also discussed and agreed on a road map to resolving the dispute and measures for safeguarding Kenya’s territorial integrity, marine resources including offshore oil and gas exploration, and the respective acreage of the Indian Ocean.

Kenya wants Somalia to withdrawal claims over the area, cancel the auctions and recognize the colonial boundaries.

However, Somalia maintains it has not put the oil wells in the disputed border up for bids.