Eight Somali children rescued from Al-Shabaab in Bakool Region

Somali soldiers today rescued eight children from Al-Shabaab in Bakool Region, according to a government official. The children are believed to have been kidnapped from rural areas of Bay and Bakool by the militant group.

They were rescued while being transported to an Al-Shabaab training camp outside the town of Huddur.

Two drivers of the Motorcycles transporting the children were also captured.

One of the ways Al-Shabaab boosts its ranks is by kidnapping children, or convincing their parents to give them up, before putting them through a rigorous indoctrination process.

Young children who go through such a process are less likely to defect or question Al-Shabaab actions later, one of the reasons the practice appeals to the militant group.

Separately, the U.S. military’s Africa operations command today announced the killing of two Al-Shabaab fighters and the destruction of one facility belonging to the group, following two airstrikes conducted in Middle Jubba Region’s Jilib town two days ago.